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The Mermaid & The Alligator Bed & Breakfast

The Dogs...Our Girls!
If you have stayed with us before, this page is dedicated to our dogs that have added so much to the atmosphere of The Mermaid & The Alligator over the years...
The Mermaid & the Alligator at night
Dean, Largo, Kililani & Paul - circa 1999

The latest addition to the Mermaid family...

Caya, aka "Lightfoot's Southernmost Journey" arrived in Key West on June 8, 2008.  She was born April 16, 2008 and is Havana's half-sister.  Havana and she are adjusting very well to each other and of course who can resist this puppy face!

Caya - 7 months

Havana (L) & Caya (still growing)

Caya's traveling bag

She's not this small anymore!


Born January 12, 2005, Havana, aka "Lightfoot's Hot Havana Night" , came to us to fill the void left by Kili's passing.  Dean traveled to western New Jersey to bring her home on the airplane.  She was just 8 weeks old.  She was so cute, if she had just stayed that small!  She has now grown to a very tall & solid 100 pound Flat Coat Retriever.  This dog has toys!!!  Her toy basket is filled to the brim.  Havana is a very smart dog and differentiates between her toys.  She likes her monkeys best!  She is very well behaved.  She loves to exercise and play with other dogs.  She truly believes that all of the guests are only here to play with her!  If you don't have anything to do...she will keep you busy.

Havana learning to be like Largo

At just 3 weeks...this was our first pic!

Our first day at home in Key West! - 8 weeks

At 4 months, chewing on a stick.

Celebrating her first birthday with a swim in at Dog Beach.

 In Memoriam
Largo 1991 - 2006 
The original "muffin monster", Largo enjoyed 15 years with us.  She was the grande dame of the guesthouse...meeting, greeting & welcoming each guest as they arrived.  She will of course be best remembered by guests for her attempts at the breakfast table to get muffins or stopping people in the kitchen by her treat jar, until they figured out why she was barking!  She was Miss Personality.  She did an incredible job of training Kili & Havana how to be a "guesthouse dog."  Neither of us have had a pet as long as we had Largo.   Her passing has left a large void in our lives, but too many great memories for words!  Largo left us on June 13, 2006 to run and play in the fields with Kili & Looe.  Remember those sunsets on the pier!

In Memoriam
Kililani 1998 - 2005
"Heavenly Raindrops" in Hawaiian

"Kili" was instantly at home at the guesthouse when we got her at just 8 months old.  She idolized Largo and was a fantastic puppy.  Of course she enjoyed walks that Largo's arthritis wouldn't allow.  Kili did not like toys though, and buried many things in the yard.  Dean is still finding gifts from Kili in the garden...the latest was a former pool man's cell phone!  Oops!  She loved to run and jogged along with Paul and sometimes Valerie for exercise.  We lost her very tragically in February 2005.

Other Dog Shots

Largo playing with Sonny's toy - 2001

Fantasy Fest 2001

Carlson Family 2002

Christmas with family 2002

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