The M&A Gardens Beckon You

Step into another world where tropical plants, birds, and flowers create an oasis of tranquility. Giant philodendrons wrap tall palms; hibiscus, sanchezia, and lxora flaunt their vibrancy; and plumeria, jasmine, and Ylang Ylang intoxicate the senses. Picturesque grottos, patios, and orchid-lined walkways invite you to explore and enjoy the intimate seating areas tucked within. Water features trickle and gurgle amidst the foliage, while colorful finches flutter about.

Year-Round Flowers

Choose one of our ground-floor guest rooms for an up-close garden experience where you can immerse yourself in the landscape or admire the surroundings from your private veranda above. Our year-round semi-tropical climate and summer rains promote continual blooming cycles, so the garden is brilliant with color all year long. A large collection of palms, tropical and native plants, and flowering trees grow throughout the property, though the gardens are ever-changing throughout the year:

  • Orchids bloom in the winter and spring.
  • Royal Poinciana blooms from June through July.
  • Fragrant plumeria blooms in summer and fall.

Migrating Birds

Frequented year-round by many birds, both native and migrating, our gardens have numerous visitors. In the fall, various birds migrating south to Cuba and Central America use our gardens as a stop-over point before the long flight over the Gulf Stream, and then again in the spring on their way back up north. It is a special treat to walk out to our gardens teeming with yellow finch, or to see the occasional snowy egret hunting in our fountain. Now an endangered species, White Crown Pigeons visit us every year to eat the bright red berries from one of our palms.


In the Garden

Discover intimate areas where guests can "escape from it all" in a place of beauty and tranquility. Enjoy the sights and sounds of birds, palms swaying, and our pineapple fountain. Surrounded by beauty, you will have every reason to stay longer than usual. Let the gardens speak to you.